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Custom Case/Hardware Mods

We also do mods! System modifications are a great way to make your system look better and/or perform better without paying tons more for a special edition that includes the modification. Instead you can modify anything you have now for cheap to make it that much better!

Here is a list of just a few anesthetic mods we do:

  • Case windows
  • PSU Sleeving
  • Custom Lighting

As for hardware mods that can improve performance see below, details listed bottom of page.

  • Overclocking
  • CPU De-lidding
  • Liquid Cooling
  • Advanced TIM application
  • Sound/Vibration Dampening

These are just a few modifications we can do. Please message us for other mods, questions and inquires!

Overclocking: This is a process of raising the frequency of your processor to improve processing speed. The frequency of a processor is determined in Gigahertz (GHz), Only some processors are capable of being overclocked.

De-lidding: A De-lid or De-Lidding is the removal of the metal block (IHS/Integrated Heat Spreader) on your processor, exposing your actual processor die. This can only be done on some processors but usually reduces temperatures greatly to leave more room for higher overclocking.

Liquid Cooling: Liquid Cooling is the placement and routing of tubing, radiators and waterblocks to cool your components with liquid such as water with anti-bacterial properties. You can liquid cool just one or all your hardware components. This is another way to greatly reduce temperatures.

Advanced TIM: Thermal Interface Material or TIM is used to fill the gaps between your processor (and or other heat generating components) and the heatsink or waterblock which dissipates heat. Filling in this gap creates better contact which in further aids the heatsink or waterblocks’s efficiency.

Sound/Vibration Dampening: The process of sound and vibration dampening is usually using special silicone fan mounts. We all can line the inner case with sound dampening foam to further the quietness of your system. Putting on better compound or pads provide better heat dissipation which leads to lower temps.

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