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Custom built computers


Our custom built computers and systems are made the way you want and the price you want. We offer not only the best system specifications for your money but also the lowest build fee with no extra hidden fees. With most of our systems being ready in just 1 week, you wont need to wait long to get to what you want most! We build more than just gaming systems and home computers but also:

  • Servers
  • NAS Systems (Network Attached Storage)
  • Workstations (High processing/rendering)

With plenty of options to choose from looks to mods, the computer we build is truly yours. The way you want it and the way you like it!

Did you know you can build a PC that’s better than any console for the same price or even less? If size is an issue we can build your PC smaller than console too! Read here for reasons why PC is better than console!


Along with building we also do PC modifications. These modifications range from hardware anesthetics to performance enhancing changes. Please visit our Mods Page to view what kind of cool work we do to systems to make them look and work above and beyond.

Why us

Our competitors mark down their build fee at a low cost, but mark up every item on your invoice by at least an additional $20. So their listed $50 build/service charge has a hidden total of $200.

You can call or email for any inquires on a system and here is what we can guarantee:

  • Best system for budget
  • Lowest overall cost
  • No hidden fees
  • Longest no fault warranty

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