Our computer services offer custom builds and repair. Custom systems such as PCs and Servers are picked and built with usage and price in mind. Our repairs are affordable, quick and reliable, home call and drop off servicing make our repairs convenient.



Our mobile services offer more than just repair. We also transfer and backup data along with cell phone carrier unlocking. Our repair covers everything from broken screens, camera lenses and charger ports to physical damage and water damage.



Our design services cover just about everything. We do logo design, business cards, signage, web design and anything else you can think off. Along with our design we also can provide branding on clothing and signage for businesses.

Additional Services

  • PC Repair
    PC Repair covers everything from virus and malware removal and data recovery to upgrades and hardware repair. We provide competitive rates with a more reliable repair. Click for rates.
  • Mobile Repair
    Mobile repair covers specific hardware repairs such as broken screens and camera lenses, and full device repair from water damage, physical damage from drops. Click here for rates.
  • PC Building
    We build PCs, Servers and more! Anything you need we can build. Systems are tailored to your needs and within your price range, giving you the best performance per dollar.
  • Graphic Art
    Our Graphic art and designs extend through logo creation with implantation on business cards, printed vinyl, branding on clothing and much more. Click for more info.

Our testimonials

  • Tristan T.

    My experience with Custom Tech Services was awesome! I would recommend them to anyone, they built me an amazing gaming machine for a good price and had it in just over a…

  • Hayden S.

    My experience with Custom Tech Services has been great. I ordered a custom built gaming system and that exactly what I got. He asked what my budget was and my requirements for…

  • Theresa P.

    Thank you Custom Tech Services! My computer needs are pretty simple. Emailing friends and work, paying bills and managing my family photos. That is probably why it took me 2 years to…